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What's New in NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.7

NAKIVO continues to introduce highly-requested features and solution enhancements to meet changing customer needs and adapt to the latest developments in the data protection landscape.

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NAKIVO Backup and Replication v10.7 GA released new features

NAKIVO is strengthening its features and capabilities, adding even more cloud capabilities and interoperability with cloud storage

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VMware Cloud Director 10.3 refresh token and how to use them

API tokens are a great addition to the product since VMware Cloud Director 10.3.1. Check out Nakivo Backup and Replication to protect VMware Cloud Director workloads.

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Upcoming Nakivo Backup 10.7 features

The upcoming 10.7 release (currently in public BETA, you can download and test for free here) brings new features that we'll talk about in this post.

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Nakivo adds Backblaze and Blob support

Nakivo has expanded its backup and replication tool kit to include more mass market and niche cloud targets.

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5 reasons why you need an offsite data backup

Not only do companies need data protection for onsite backups, but keeping data offsite helps to keep data secure in the event of a site-level failure. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you need an offsite data backup.

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Nakivo v10.7 beta tightens Microsoft integration

Beta versions of Nakivo Backup and Replication are a great way to play with the product and help the teams fix it before going GA.

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How to Develop a Powerful Cloud Data Protection Strategy

Article contributed by Sergei Serdyuk, Vice President of Product Management, NAKIVO

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29% Revenue Growth in 2Q22 from 2Q21 for Nakivo

NAKIVO Inc. announced its 2Q22 financial results.

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The ever-evolving cyber-attack

Electronic Specifier spoke with Sergei Serdyuk, VP of Product Management, NAKIVO, about the key challenges of the data protection industry and where it’s headed.