Hyper-V Backup – Internal Developer Sneak Peek

Microsoft Hyper-V backup and replication are the features that we’re going to add to NAKIVO Backup & Replication soon. Our goal is to make an easy-to-use product that performs both Hyper-V backup and VMware backup in a single pane of glass. In terms of features, we aim to provide the same functionality for both hypervisors, including instant recovery, screenshot verification, deduplication, and so on. We also plan to have a common licensing for both platforms, and when you buy licenses, you can use them for both VMware and Hyper-V, without having to contact sales and reinstall licenses.

Internal Developer Demo for Hyper-V Backup

So, we've been working on Hyper-V VM backup and replication for some time now, and we’d like to give you a sneak peek into where we are now. Below is a video of an internal developer demo for Hyper-V backup that we had recently:

Video Transcript

What we have in the product – is the ability to discover Hyper-V hosts, here you can see one of these hosts.

Add Hyper-V Host

It’s a standalone host; it has a couple of VMs, no clusters. We can discover more hosts if needed.

I guess, you’ve seen the backup job, it’s more or less the same as VMware backup job – let’s say we can select a VM and repository and that’s it. We don’t need application awareness, it doesn’t work yet. Thus, it is more or less the same backup job that you can see for VMware.

Hyper-V backup job

We also have a replication job as is is very similar to what we have for VMware, let’s say, this Trung VM we want to replicate to the same Hyper-V host.

Hyper-V replication job

And we need to specify a path where to store replica and select a network.

Hyper-V path and network

It’s more or less the same storage and network.

Then in the advanced section, we can select the discs that we want to replicate and do fine tuning including seeding if needed.

Hyper-V replication

Other steps are the same as for VMware and Hyper-V job. We can even run it.

Hyper-V Manager is a client to look at Hyper-V system. When I run this job, to create this Trung_VM replica.

Hyper-V backup

Then we have recovery jobs, for example, when we run this job, which is Hyper-V backup and when it’s done we can perform recovery.

Hyper-V backup dashboard

That’s our VM and we need to specify the same stuff – the target container, storage and a network.


Here we have the same recovery from backup. We can run it if needed and we will have Trung_VM-recovered.

hyper-v run vm restore

Thus, we have recovery from the replica, replication job, and recovery from the replica. In fact, recovery from the replica is reverting to a snapshot, and we can select the snapshot, like this one.

hyper-v recovery from replica

And then select the network … next… and finish.

If I run this job, the VM will be changed to that older point of time, and now it may have the snapshots which will be rolled back to the previous version.