Category: PowerShell for Hyper-V Management

How to Work with Hyper-V VHD and VHDX Files: Essential Basics

The release of Windows Server 2012 was warmly welcomed due to the introduction of multiple virtualization features, including the new VHDX file format. VHDX is essentially the successor of VHD, but wi ...


How to Create Hyper-V Virtual Machine: Complete Walkthrough

The goal of most organizations is to grow and expand over time. While meeting this goal, an organization also often finds it more difficult to properly and efficiently manage all aspects of its infras ...


How to Create a Hyper-V VM Using PowerShell

One of the powerful built-in features of Hyper-V is being able to utilize PowerShell for its management operations. Among the many things that we can do with PowerShell in Hyper-V is create virtual ma ...